Google+ Advertising

Google+ Advertising or as it is know by Google, +Post Ads, allow you to simply push your message out to the right people at the right time. Google’s approach to advertising is a lot different to that of Facebook or Twitter, in that not only do you get your Google+ Post pushed on Google+ but you get it all over the web. Google is said to be a lot ‘more pervasive on the internet as a whole’, meaning Google’s ads are not discredited in any way, regardless of where you see them. They do not just sit on Google. Whereas Facebook ads, are hard to even imagine outside of Facebook.

The advantages of Google+ Advertising:

1. Your adverts will not only show up on Google+, but all over the web using Google’s advertising reach.

2. Google’s ads allow users to comment on them and converse with customers just like a normal Google+ post!

3. Once your ad campaign is over, the posts that were part of the campaign will remain in the Google archive and become searchable on Google. This means FREE ADVERTISING.

4. Google will only allow content that is relevant to YOUR audience. For that reason, not only will your competitors never get the opportunity to cheat, you also have a good amount of guidance on what your followers see as useful content.

So after reading our reasons for advertising on Google+ using Google’s +Post ads, why not give us a call and see if we can help you with setting up a campaign that is sure to drive you more sales by calling us on 08456 189700. Alternatively, check out our Google+ Training for Business page to see how e can teach you to set up and execute all aspects of your Google+ profile and campaign.