Google+ Marketing

Google+ is Google’s very own, exceptionally powerful social media site. However Google+ is a completely different experience compared to the other social media sites.

Page Creation

Google+ allows businesses to create pages and then form and develop relationships with their customers and potential customers. You can add your brand to Google+ Circles that have been created, you can share your Google+ page with other networks and interact with content as your business to raise awareness.

Connecting with your Audience

Google+ also offers new features such as Google hangouts. This is a way for businesses to offer live chats and discussions with clients/customers who are happy to use video conference calls.

Feature on Google

Google+ also offers the chance to be instantly featured on google. It is its own social media site, so why would it not add all the content straight into Google serps?


Google+ does not have and advertising on it. It is a completely clean and functional service. Google already incorporates Adwords into its search engine, so it does not need to place adverts in-between the posts.

The final point to note here is that Google+ is realistically still a baby. It is in its early days of development, and therefore the best time to jump on the wagon would be now!

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