Google+ Training for Business

Google+ is a very underused, but exceptionally good social media platform. Your business could be taking advantage of this market, and in our opinion, should be! But why?

Google+ offers a completely new kind of clean and tidy social media experience. There are a number of reasons any business needs to start taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity, some of which include:

1. There are 300 million monthly active users on Google+.

This means that there is a potential audience of up to 300 million people.

2. 22% of adults that have access to the internet, use Google+ at least once a month.

This means that the current density of the google+ population, although large, still has a lot of room for growth. Being on Google+ before it grows will make you appear a larger, more knowledgeable brand.

3. Google+ has fantastic advertising potential, not only paid, but free as well.

Advertising through Google+ is an excellent way to get a message out to the people that want to hear it.

You would learn all about all of these things and much more including how to set up and maintain a Google+ account, how to use the channel to interact with current and potential customers and also the best way to use the available demographics for advertising purposes through our Google+ Training for Business course.

If you would like information about our course, feel free to call Zaddle on 08456 189700 and we will discuss how we can help your business be better at social.