Why Hire A Google AdWords Certified Partner?

I was looking at the results of a clients Google AdWords campaign for this year and thought the graph below probably summed up the value of a Google AdWords certified partner better than anything else I could say:

Google AdWords Results Graph

As with most companies using Google AdWords, the top two spots in the Google AdWords listings is always the target. The theory being that more people will click the top two spots compared to the other positions.

This is true, the click through rate for the top two positions IS higher, however when you take into consideration the cost, the number of conversions and the cost of those conversions then a different strategy is often much better.

As you will see from the graph above, we finally convinced the client that top position wasn’t the best place to be, and finally (guess when!) we were able to completely revamp the entire campaign to exactly how we wanted it to be.

As a result we:

  • Reduced the total monthly cost by over 66%.
  • Increased the total number of conversions.
  • Reduced the cost per conversion significantly.
  • We have saved this client over £2000 per month since March, and yet we have INCREASED the number of clicks to their website.

We also introduced a mobile targeted campaign, an image AdWords campaign and a Google Remarketing campaign.

Just thought I would share this with you as I do enjoy being right 🙂

PS The spike in cost at the end of the graph (31st August 2011) is the start of the Google Remarketing campaign – will let you know how this turns out, but the client has over 20,000 people to start advertising their services & offers to throughout the rest of the year!