Bing Analytics Training

Bing Analytics or Campaign analytics helps you to measure the success of your adverts, see the return on your investment, monitor your site traffic and control your ad campaigns with ease.

There are huge benefits to accessing and reading your analytics, if you better understand your audience then you can market to them more directly, saving yourself time and money when advertising to them in future.

Understanding your Bing Analytics can also help to shape your blog posts, know which social media platforms to focus on and know which of your web pages you could improve your SEO on.

How will our Bing Analytics Training help you?

  • We’ll help you to access the Analytics tool
  • We’ll show you which areas of Analytics will most help you
  • We’ll teach you Analytics tips and tricks that will benefit you
  • We’ll help you to create conversion goals
  • We’ll teach you to create custom report dimensions
  • We’ll help you to generate and analyse reports
  • We’ll show you how your budget will work best
  • We’ll help you to improve your pages that lack visitors

Our training will help you to improve your site traffic, your conversions, your social media strategy and your SEO potential. We teach one-on-one or larger groups if required, using our skills and experience to tailor each training session to your needs.

Not every company is the same, so we will work to understand your experience in analytics before setting new goals for you to complete. We also offer an Online Bing Analytics Training course, for the ultimate convenience. Please visit our Online page for more information.

Understand and improving your Bing Analytics will make your website, and therefore your business, more successful. Don’t miss out on important new clients.

For more information about our Bing Analytics Training or any of the other training courses we offer, please do get in touch. We also offer a free consultation to discuss your thoughts and options, so call us on 08456 189700 to see how we can help.