Google Adwords Research

Google Adwords advertising is a marketing platform that, if being done incorrectly, can take up an excessive amount of your time. However, setting up the account correctly from the outset can save a huge amount of that time, because you will know that the account that you are maintaining, will have very few errors right from the off.

Adwords Research

Our Google Adwords Research service provides you with all the information you need to set up your Adwords account correctly the first time round. We do all of the leg work to find out about your products and services, discover HOW your target market are searching for these services (often, not in the way that you think) and then find the perfect keywords for setting up your Google Adwords campaign based on the competition for these keywords. We pride ourselves in finding niche opportunities that have not yet been discovered by your competitors so that you can win all of the business for these searches.

Another benefit of Google Adwords Research is the cost. We are able to complete research for businesses of any size, for an extremely good price. Why make mistakes when you can get the research right first time with Zaddle?

For more information about this service and for a quote, please contact us on 08456 189700.