Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is a staple part of any online advertising campaign. There are currently 1.35 Billion monthly active users on Facebook (January 2015), so why wouldn’t you utilise this HUGE active customer base to the best of your ability?

You may not have the time to implement a Facebook advertising campaign, or simply don’t think you have the funds. At Zaddle we can tailor a Facebook Advertising package to your specific needs.

Targeting Your Ads

At Zaddle, we like to walk a mile in your shoes. We will spend time researching your products and services, and then using that research to find out everything we need to know about your potential and current audience.

Knowing your audience is the first step towards understanding how to target them perfectly with the correct content.

By targeting the right content and the right people, we will be able to maximise the ROI of your advertising.

Clearly Defined Audience

The audience for your ads is the most important aspect of your marketing campaign. If you are not putting the message out to the right audience, then your product/service will almost go unnoticed.

We market your product/service to the right people. For example, if you sell horse riding equipment then it is far more effective to hone your advert to people who like horses / equestians / eventing.

Marketing is about reaching the customer, not necessarily the user of the product. This is where Zaddle come in. We are experts at finding the perfect audience to market your products and services to.

Creating A Fantastic Advert

We don’t just find your audience. We know how to stimulate that audience with an eye-catching advert.

We will use our knowledge of Facebook Advertising to determine what will draw in your customers.

Using research about your products, coupled with the insights from our advertising efforts, we can determine which adverts work best and can then expand on those adverts to create a highly effective and targeted advertising campaign.


We have worked with a number of different businesses to help with their Facebook Advertising before. We have a great pricing structure that will work for any business.

Not only do we have a package to suit all size businesses, but we can also set the advertising budget to suit YOU. So you will always know just how much you will be spending each month.