Youtube for Business

YouTube is a huge video hosting site that allows users to upload and share videos of almost anything. You have the freedom (within reason) to experiment with how users interact with different types of video and different approaches to video. There are also facilities available through YouTube to host live video sessions amongst other stings. But why use YouTube? Well here are our top reasons:

1. There are more than 4 billion videos being viewed on a daily basis on YouTube.

Couple this with the fact that there are over 1 billion people who visit the site each month globally and you have a very large audience.

2. Using YouTube will help you in other areas of your promotion too.

Using YouTube to advertise your business, either free by simply uploading videos, or paid, you will most likely be found on Google too! Google merges all of its results and if it feels that the most relevant result for a search is a video, then it will provide a YouTube video. This video could be yours.

3. It gives you a way to refresh your content.

If you already have content readily available in the web that people found useful, why not take that content and make it into a video?

4. Your audience will promote you if your content is good.

Video has a much better effect on people generally that simple text posts. For that reason, providing your audience with a powerful video to watch will encourage shares of the video. People are also a lot more comfortable with sharing videos that other types of content.

5. You can advertise your videos.

Google Adwords for video allows you to pay to target your audience perfectly.

6. Finally, the last interesting thing you should know is that you are able to make money off YouTube.

You may be a small business but if you have a good idea for a video then get it out there! YouTube pay an amount per 1000 views to their partners through AdSense for video. so there is a potential that you will not only promote your band effectively, but make a good income off the back of it too if you get it right.

After reading all of our reasons to use YouTube for Business, we hope you are inspired to get creating. However, if you would like more help with your YouTube campaigns then feel free to give us a ring on 08456 189700. Alternatively, feel free to check out out YouTube training for business page where you will find more information about how we can teach you to make the most of YouTube.