Bing PPC Management

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a popular marketing technique and it’s not hard to see why. They are easily adaptable to suit your needs both in appearance and targeting, and it’s even easier to see which ones are the most successful.

The only downside to setting up and managing a Bing PPC campaign is that it can be quite time consuming. Don’t worry, this is where we can help.

How we can help you with your Bing PPC Management:

Easy to transfer your campaigns – If you have an existing PPC campaign with Google AdWords then we can transfer this over to your Bing account. Bing covers 29% of the market and partners with huge sites such as Facebook and Amazon which you wouldn’t otherwise reach with your campaign.

Optimise your adverts – We can help to match your adverts to your brand, we can optimise your keyword usage and help you to attract the right audience. Generate the most impressions possible.

Monitoring your results – We can monitor the results and then adapt them accordingly. We can track conversions and let you know just how successful your campaign has been.

This information is very useful for knowing who your audience is and who is actually using or buying your products or services. This knowledge will help your future sales because then you will know who to direct your marketing at. PPC is a learning curve for your company as much as a useful marketing tool that will increase your sales.

For more information about Bing PPC advertising management or other Bing services, please give us a ring on 08456 189700 and we’ll be very happy to help.