LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn currently has over 2.1 million business users registered within the United Kingdom – this figure increases massively when you take into consideration the worldwide membership of this social networking site.

What does LinkedIn give you that other social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook don’t?

  • Everyone registered is a business owner, or works within a business (unlike Twitter & Facebook that have a mixture of personal and business accounts).
  • The idea behind LinkedIn is that everyone enters their company details. e.g. location, job title, company name etc. This means LinkedIn probably have the most powerful demographic database of businesses within the United Kingdom.
  • You can mix with people from your own specialised field of business.
  • You can give people advice & guidance, which could lead to referrals into your own business.
  • You can publish any events you might be running to your group of contacts.
  • It gives business people a platform to communicate without games, tweets and spam being directed their way.

The problem with LinkedIn

  • Many business went and registered on LinkedIn when it was first launched…..and then did little else.
  • It can be confusing how you set up your profile and navigate around the website to find the information you are looking for.
  • If you are not careful you can make your own profile (or your company profile) look very unprofessional.
  • People struggle to initially build their network of contacts, and then to engage with their contacts once they have some people to network with.
  • Time – many business owners think that they will lose valuable time on LinkedIn, when they could be out trying to get more business face to face (without realising the major benefits of LinkedIn).

Linkedin Training

We run a half day workshop showing any business owner or marketing person how to:

  • Set up your LinkedIn profile and achieve a 100% score
  • Build your network of contacts
  • Connect with your network of contacts
  • Participate in discussions started by people who are looking for your services or skills
  • Start your own discussions or groups to attract other experts in your field of business
  • Publish your events and gain more attendees
  • Advertise to very niche business individuals (e.g. All marketing directors, working for manufacturing companies, within Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire)

To set up a course, or for more information please contact us on 08456 189700.