Twitter Marketing

Twitter is an excellent social media platform that allows you to interact with your customers and other businesses alike.

However, not a lot of businesses know how to effectively use twitter to their best advantage.

So here are Zaddle’s top tips on how to make the most of Twitter for your business:

1. Your Twitter bio.

This should be perfectly optimised to advertise your business. This means making sure that your company identity and brand are extremely obvious when reading your bio. It is also advisable to make sure you have a link to your website.

2. Find Key Influencers.

Discover who the key influencers are in your area of business, follow them and interact with them. Not only will this look good for your business to be ‘alongside’ a key player in the industry, but you may also learn some valuable lessons and obtain some useful information from them.

3. Involve Everyone In Your Business

Make sure all of your staff take part on social media. Generally, your staff are the people that begin the job of getting your brand out to all of your friends. Thats where it all begins!

4. Regularity And Consistency

Tweeting regularly is of critical importance. A well structured and times twitter campaign is key to success on twitter. Generally, getting it right can take a lot of time and effort and also rather a lot of trial and error.

However, if you find that you do not have time to set up and run a successful twitter campaign, feel free to give Zaddle a call and we will see if we can help with this.

5. Ask For Help

Ask followers to retweet and favourite your tweets, or ask them to share your content. The worst that can happen is they say no right?

6. Listen Carefully

If someone is talking about your business, you need to know about it. A tool such as ‘mention‘ will help you track who is tweeting about you and what they are saying.

If it is appropriate to respond to the tweet then we would strongly advise doing so. That, after all, is what social media is all about.

It is great for customers, current and potential, to see you responding too, because it will build trust for your business.

7. Share Interesting Stuff

Retweet interesting things. If you found them interesting, chances are so would your followers. However try to avoid too many things that arent industry related.

8. Use & Follow Hashtags

If you follow trends and use the hashtags that are currently trending, you will most likely get a lot more engagement from people.

Again, it builds trust for your customers as they can see that you are a real person interaction with them, rather than just an automated tweet every hour.

9. Offer Exclusives

Offering discounts through twitter makes it a lot easier to understand you audience well. Not only that, but it will give people an incentive to share your posts.

A great example would be ‘next 50 people to retweet this tweet will get a code for 20% off on our website’ or something similar.

10.Use Images And Videos

Images and videos are a great way to encourage engagement. Especially if the video evokes an emotion. Try to find images and videos that are appropriate for your audience and see what they think.

11. Check It Is Working

Make the most of twitter analytics. Use it to discover which if your tweets and types of content work best on twitter, then keep pushing those types of content rather than things that didnt work so well.

12. Advertise To Your Target Audience

Finally, make sure that you make the most of promoted tweets. Promoted tweets offer you the opportunity to get a message out to a lot more people that a normal tweet.

However Zaddle would suggest that you make sure that the tweet you are promoting was already successful with engagement and interaction by posting it regularly first, and also make sure that the content that you are promoting will make sense to a wider audience.

Twitter Marketing can be a very tough job, and we hope that our top tips on how to use it more successfully will help you.

However if you feel that you are still struggling with Twitter, feel free to give us a ring on 08456 189700.

Alternatively, check out our Twitter Training page to find out more about how we could teach you the ins and outs of Twitter marketing and advertising.