SEO Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research is an extremely important part of any SEO campaign, any website setup and any type of search related promotion. Keyword research is effectively the foundation for a successful website.

What is Keyword Research?

SEO Keyword Research is researching your products and services, but in depth. We use our expert knowledge to not only find out more about your products and services and the industry you are in, but we also find out how best to get your services in front of the right audience.

When someone contacts you about a product or service directly, you can explain what the product or service will offer, tell them how it will benefit them and tell them how much it is and how much it will save them. However, how do you get that person to contact you in the first place?

Zaddle will find all of the keywords that have the greatest opportunity to get your business in front of the perfect customers. When searching, customers don’t use industry terminology, and they don’t generally understand the jargon behind a product. They search in a logical and constructive way to find the product that they want. We will find that keyword. The search they used to find the product. That is your keyword that you need to be listed for.