Bing PPC Training

As the second highest-used search engine, Bing isn’t one to be cast aside. Combined with Yahoo search, it covers a broad range of the internet and so optimising your Bing advertising will put you ahead of your competitors.

Bing has its own way of setting up advertising but if you have a Google AdWords already set up than we can help you to migrate the same information over to Bing.

What are Pay-Per-Click adverts?

This is a popular form of advertising that places adverts, that you’ve created, onto strategic websites. When a visitor clicks on your advert, and is taken to your website, it will cost you a certain amount per click. You pay the host website for this advertising space, depending on how popular your advert is (how many clicks you receive).

This type of marketing is successful because of how accurate it is with its targeting, as well as showing very clear results. It is also easy to monitor who is clicking on these adverts and adapt your strategy accordingly.

How our Bing PPC Training course can help you:

  • Learn the history and benefits of Bing and PPC advertising
  • Design a PPC advert, content and appearance
  • Where to place your adverts and who to target
  • Develop a Bing PPC advertising strategy
  • Learn how to read results and plan bids
  • Learn how the payment system works and budgeting

Our short training course can be done on your premises, to individuals or groups, so that we can help your business out in a familiar environment. We also offer training days at our own locations which may be more suitable for large groups, or an Online Bing PPC Training course is available so that you can learn at your own pace. For more information about this convenient way of learning please visit our Online training page.

Learn about and optimise your Bing PPC advertising campaigns, to bring more customers to your website and increase your business.

For more information about our Bing PPC Training or any of the other training courses we offer, please do get in touch. We also offer a free consultation to discuss your thoughts and options, so call us on 08456 189700 to see how we can help.