Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing has recently become a major part of a lot of businesses marketing strategies. We offer a fantastic marketing service that can be tailored to your needs and budget. So what do we offer as part of our service?

Facebook Page Creation

We begin the Facebook Marketing process by creating the best layout and structure for your Facebook Page.This includes making sure we have all of the correct imagery and information across the page.

Not only that but we then work closely with you to make sure that the information on the page stays up to date and consistent with your business offerings and services.

Finding Your Audience

We will start this process by discussing your business, your services, products and online goals to discover what you want to achieve.

We then use our tools and knowledge to help us find the most suitable audience for your marketing strategy. including the size and reach of this audience and finally tell you how much it might cost should you decide to advertise to your audience.

If you are then interested in our Facebook Advertising services, we will be more than happy to help.

Content Creation

Now that we are well acquainted with your business, know a good amount about your products and services, and have learnt where your audience resides, we will be able to begin creating unique and useful content for your Facebook page.

This content will be content that will be useful for your customers and potential customers.

It is important that we help you showcase your expertise, and this will be done through the content. We use our knowledge of content creation to make sure we provide your customers with the best, up to date information about you and your industry.

Customer Engagement

Engagement is a very important part of any Facebook marketing campaign. We don’t just create your content and ship it out, we also engage your audience in conversation by replying to comments on that content. This not only shows that we care about our current customers, but when potential customers see this interaction, they will be a lot more likely to trust that you are capable of providing a good service.

Analytical Tracking

Once we have created your page, found your perfect audience ,and began creating content that will satisfy your current customers while drawing in new customers, we will be able to begin tracking the successes of the page.

Using Facebook’s insights and our own Analytical tools, we are able to track which content works and which content is less successful so that we can hone in our marketing efforts. These insights will also allow us to report back on just how well your marketing is going month on month.

So if this sounds like something that would make a good addition to your current marketing efforts, then feel free to give us a call on 08456 189 700 or email us liam@zaddle.co.uk