Google Adwords Training

We run two different Google AdWords one day training courses, depending on your level of knowledge with Google AdWords.

Beginners Course

Our Google Adwords Course for beginners is aimed at people who have either no knowledge of Google AdWords or little knowledge. It is also aimed at people who have tried to set up their Google AdWords campaign with very little success. We talk to people every week, who are bidding well over the odds for a particular keyword, or who are getting lots of clicks (and therefore spending lots of money!), but are not seeing any return on the investment. If you fall into any of these categories, we would recommend the Google AdWords course for beginners.

Advanced Course

Our second course is the Google AdWords intermediate / advanced users course. This is aimed at Google AdWords users who are getting some success with their Google AdWords, but want to know how they can improve on their existing AdWords campaigns.

For more information on our courses please contact us on 08456 189700.