Bing Shopping Ads

Bing Shopping Ads help to make your products stand out within their search result feed. Bing’s search engine covers 29% of the internet so you’d be crazy to miss out on that kind of exposure opportunity.

It’s also very easy for us to switch your Google Ads over to Bing, so what do you have to lose?

Benefits of Bing Shopping Ads:

See your ads on bigger websites – Bing is very popular with mobile users and has partnered with huge companies like Amazon and Facebook, so you’d be reaching more people than ever before.

A much wider audience – Bing is a network that has also combined with Yahoo, this dramatically widens your audience.

Customisable adverts – Your advert can be customised to reach the best audience for you, it can include keywords to make it findable and that will drive more customers to your website.

Reports on your success – There are huge benefits to knowing how successful your Bing advert campaigns have been, it means you can adapt and improve upon them in the future. We can send you that report to save you time and increase the targeting of your campaign.

We can help you to set up, design and manage your Bing Shopping Ads, improving your marketing has never been so easy. We believe in doing things by quality rather than quantity, not only will your customers prefer that but so will your SEO results. We can also help you with the SEO of your site, to further increase your popularity on Bing.

Don’t miss out on the Bing and Yahoo community! For more information about our services or for a free consultation please get in touch on 08456 189700, and we’ll tell you what options will work best for you.