Our SEO Services

The phone calls have started again!

You know the one’s, promising to get you to the top of Google for a phrase that is related to your business (SEO Lincolnshire) – I’m sorry have you even looked at what my website is all about? Of course not, they are sat in a call centre with a list of local business names and numbers, with a script that promises you a guaranteed top position on Google. They might even introduce themselves as Google resellers.

Unfortunately there is no quick way to get a website to the top of Google unless it is for a phrase that doesn’t have any searches taking place. If you HAVE ordered some of these keywords in the past I am guessing that you never received ANY new business or enquiries. And this, despite being told (or even received a monthly report) that you were getting lots of “impressions” or even “visits” to your website.

At best, this is manipulating the lack of knowledge about the internet and Google by the business owner. At the worst, it is a downright rip off and scam. When you are considering search engine optimisation you need to find keywords:

a) Relevant to your business (for example – SEO Lincolnshire)

b) Actually searched for (this one is mightly important!) – another example is SEO Lincolnshire has about 140 searches per month, whereas search engine optimisation Lincoln has less than 10 per month and yet they are almost identical in what they are looking for.

To achieve a high ranking in Google there are 3 vital aspects for Search Engine Optimisation

1. Content

2. Structure

3. Inbound Links

We offer a total solution to your SEO needs. It might be buidling a new website that is perfectly formed for Search Engines, or it might mean revising an existing site, making it easier for Google and other Search Engines to find your site and more importantly understand what your site is about.

SEO is relevant to ALL size businesses and allows your business to compete for a top 10 listing in Google.

SEO might not be the solution for you which is why we offer a FREE initial consultation service. We will always recommend a way forward for you that fits with your budget.