Twitter Training for Business

Twitter is one of the largest social networks available for businesses to get their message out to customers and potential customers alike. Twitter has over 300,000 new daily visitors and there are generally around 170,000,000 tweets per day. It is now considered as a crucial business tool for a number of businesses.

For small businesses and new start-ups, this could be make or break in their first months of trading. Twitter is an excellent resource for new businesses, and using it to its full potential is imperative.

I can now see you asking ‘but why do we need to be able to use twitter?’ Well, let me answer that question with a couple of facts:

1. Your customers are already on twitter – A huge amount of potential and current customers will already be on twitter. Becoming a part of Twitter would allow you to connect and interact with these customers. That would not only possibly lead to sales, but it will build trust with your business, since they now know that they will be able to contact you via twitter and get a response.

2. Customer Feedback and Reviews – Twitter gives another way for customers to offer feedback and reviews of your service. This is almost a guarantee these days on social media. Listening to reviews and feedback will allow you to improve upon your products and services.

3. It is FREE Marketing. Enough said here.

4. Our final main point is that it enables you to potentially spy on your competition. Know a big company that offers the same service as you on a larger scale? You can watch them to see how they interact with their customers! On the other hand, you may have another local business who offer the same service as you, why not follow them and keep an eye on what they’re up to. Maybe you will learn a thing or two.

So if after reading our reasons for joining twitter, you’re ready and raring to go don’t hesitate in giving us a call today on 08456 189700 for a chat about our Twitter Training for Business services. We can teach you how to utilise twitter to make the most out of the service. Alternatively, check out our Twitter Training Courses page for more information on what we offer.