PPC Tools

Pay Per Click advertising is a fantastic way to drive more people to your website. You choose where you would like your advert to appear on another company’s website and then every time someone clicks on it, you pay that company some money.

It is a very successful method of marketing which has many benefits including:

  • Customisable PPC advert design
  • Easy to track results
  • Mixes well with your Google AdWords
  • Test what works best for your audience

This is all very good news for your website. Setting up these campaigns and keeping track of them is better done well, but it can be quite time consuming. That’s why we’ve created a list of PPC Tools that will make the entire process a whole lot easier.

How we can help you setup and manage your PPC campaigns:

  • We can find out what keywords your competitors are buying
  • Show you what terms are found during organic searches
  • Tools to help you work out your budgets and bids
  • How to best edit your AdWords
  • Excel plugin for your Analytics to make reports easier
  • Bid management tools
  • PPC test calculator and A/B testing

If you can predict the effectiveness of your campaign before launching it, that will save you wasting your money on a campaign that would be less effective.

Our experience in pay per click advertising and marketing campaigns will make sure you’re making the most of your time and budget. Why waste it by missing opportunities? We’ll make it easy.

For any more information about our PPC Tools, call us on 08456 189700 and we’ll be more than happy to talk through your options. We also offer a free consultation service to help improve your website, make it work for you and bring in as much work as possible!