LinkedIn Advertising

Linkedin Advertising offers a fantastic way to get your business services/products in front of a large, targeted audience. But what do you get with Linkedin Ads, and what are the benefits of them?

The Pay-Per-Click Advertising Platform on Linkedin

With the Linkedin advertising services you can reach out to highly targeted audiences, and pay however much you like for it.

So if your budget can only stretch to £5 a day that’s fine, if you want to spend £100 a day, that’s also fine!

You can target your ads by a number of different demographics and segments such as the company that your audience belongs to, their job title, job function, the school they went to, the skills they have, the groups that they are in, their age, gender and loads more.

Linkedin will help you get in front of any type of audience, big or small.

There are a number of different ad types available.

The first ad types are text ads. This is the simplest of ad types and is simply as the name sounds, a block of text that a user can click on to be brought to your target page. However you can make these ads a lot more appealing to users.

The way to do this is by adding in an image or video to the ad. This will help draw attention to your advert and get you clicks. However make sure that the image is related to the content you are promoting.

Products and logos are generally good advertising material. If you are adding a video to your ad, the video must be no longer than 20 seconds in length.

Reasons to use LinkedIn advertising.

  1. Linkedin now has roughly 300 million users. This figure is increasing by roughly 38% each year!
  2. Linkedin is responsible for a huge 64% of all visits from social media sites to corporate websites. Which, in comparison to Facebook’s 17% and Twitters 14%, is pretty outstanding.
  3. Across the board, corporate companies report that Linkedin in their biggest social media traffic driver.
  4. The 10 most liked brands on Linkedin are all Business to Business. This is a great reason to get on board if you are a B2B business, since Linkedin will most likely benefit you. Businesses look for businesses on the business social media site, we guess that makes sense!
  5. 38% of Linkedin visits are made from a mobile. With this in mind, if you do not have a mobile website, this could potentially be a great way to be found by users, since they will want to read about your business in a mobile friendly way.

So with these points in mind, you should give Zaddle a ring and discuss how we can help you succeed.

Alternatively, visit our Linkedin Training page for more info about how we can train you to be a Linkedin master.