Pinterest Training for Business

Pinterest is still classed as an up and coming social media platform. However at Zaddle we believe different. Pinterest offers another platform for businesses to promote themselves through interesting and engaging posts and topics. But why would you need to be able to use Pinterest? Well here are our reasons:

1. Pinterest Users Spend A LOT of money!

There are a lot of people who believe that Pinterest is just people pinning silly pictures on their ‘boards’ and that’s it.

However, Pinterest users do not just simply pin these things they looks at, they also tend to buy the things they have pinned. The amount of money Pinterest users spend on average is 126% higher than the average spend of a person who is buying through Facebook.

Also, 47% of users in the US went on to buy a product after a recommendation from Pinterest which is more than both Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, if you add these two stats to the fact that Pinterest is the second highest driver of traffic to websites after Facebook, you have a very good potential income source.

2. Pinterest pins are worth a lot more than Facebook likes.

A Facebook like is nice for sure. Everyone enjoys getting hundreds or thousands of likes on a Facebook status. But what do they really do?

Okay, so sometimes it tells a persons friend that they have liked a post, but what good is sometimes?

When a user pins an image to their boards it is there to stay (unless they delete it) and is accessible by all of their followers and generally the public too.

So the power of a pinterest pin is a lot greater with the longevity of the pin lasting almost indefinitely compared to the speed at which posts disappear on say Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

However getting people to pin things is tough. We will tell you how to get these people to pin your images.

3. Social media users spend more time on Pinterest than all of other platforms.

The average Pinterest user spends 1 hour and 17 minutes a day pinning and interacting compared to an average of 36 minutes on Twitter and a very low 12.1 minutes on Facebook.

So, the question is, would you like to make the most of this amazingly active, powerful platform?

Of course you would! So why not sign up for our Pinterest Training for Business course?

We can teach you not only what to pin and when, but how to pin at the right times, what is worth pinning to get good interaction and how to grab those sales that are worth a massive amount more than any other platform.

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