Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest have recently began allowing users to Advertise using their new advertising platform. This advertising platform is called ‘Promoted Pins‘.

Promoted Pins allows you to promote your best selection of pins so that they appear in relevant search results at the top of the listings so as to be the first pins seen by people. However there is more to it than that. Promoted pins also allow you to:

Select Your Audience

You can set up targeting of your promoted pins so that the right people see them. You can use targeting such as locations, demographics and the device type that the user is using.

Cost Per Click

Promoted pins run on a cost per click basis. This means that the only time you will ever pay for a promoted pin is if a user clicks on your pin. Simply showing up in the listings will not cost you a penny. In this respect, it can be similar to Google Adwords.


Using the information provided by pinterest about your promoted pins, you are then able to track the performance of your pins. Not only this, but you are able to make adjustments to the campaign such as the maximum CPC and the destination URL if you feel the need.

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