Google+ for Business

Google+ for Business, also knows as Google My Business, is a social media platform closely linked with Google+. It allows businesses to use Google+ for marketing, while it also doubles up as a map listing for the business information.

Google+ has a number of useful benefits for businesses including:

1. The first main point we can make here is that this is GOOGLE+.. That means a lot in this technological world. Google is THE largest search engine. With that in mind, as much as Google say otherwise, wouldn’t it make sense that Google prioritise information that is within their own platform rather than elsewhere? We think so.

2. Google+ has become the second largest social media site in a timescale that felt like just overnight. It has more than 540 million active users. This quickly growing platform is one that all businesses should be a part of to avoid missing out.

3. Everything you post on Google+ is immediately indexed by Google, since it is their own platform. This means there is fantastic potential for getting content out to everyone very quickly.

4. Google offers a large number of different resources to it Google+ users such as Google hangouts, YouTube use, Gmail and google maps. This is of great importance since your Google+ and Google map listing are linked. As long as the information is correct on there, it is the foundation of a fantastic Local SEO campaign. Find out more about this service on our Local SEO page.

5. Using Google+ allows you to add authorship to your content. That means that is you write a blog post or an article, you are able to put your profile picture next to the content in the Google rankings. This makes the listing in Google a lot more powerful and it gives users an incentive to click your link rather than the others.

6. For the first time, unlike any other social media platform, you are able to search for, connect with and converse with your potential customers. On all of the other social media platforms you effectively have to sit and wait for your customers to come to you. But on Google+ you are able to join groups and connect with people as a business. This allows you to find people who would be interested in your products and services and then get in touch with them!

7. You give users the opportunity to share your location with the rest of their contacts. If you are on Google+ and therefore have a google my business page, you are at a massive advantage over other businesses who do not have a Google My Business page. This is because it is preferred for you to get a good ranking in the Local search results.

The Outcome

We can’t really think of any reason NOT to sign up for Google+ for Business. However, if you find that you do not have the time or the knowledge to use Google+ effectively, why not give Zaddle a call on 08456 189700.