Google+ Brand Page

Google+ Local puts your business on the map, quite literally. It shares reviews that others have made about your company to people who follow those reviewers. It keeps local businesses in mind when suggesting places to Google-users within Google+.

What is Google+ Local?

If you’re part of Google+ Local, then customers can add you to their Google+ page, posting photos and reviews from their experience with you. Photos are a great way to share an experience and will make your company instantly recognisable and more approachable.

Your company will then be recommended to other people based on both their Google+ circles and your location, helping them to decide whether or not they choose to visit you. It is important to get your Google+ page right.

What will appear on your Google+ Local page:

  • Posts and reviews from others
  • Photos, location and your contact information
  • This page will also appear in search results

We can help you to set it up:

Before looking into the workings of Google+ Local, you will first need a Google+ account, we can help you to do that too. These social media sites make a big impact on potential customers so it is worth taking your time over the set up, making sure you are consistent between each platform.

Once you are set up with a Google+ account it becomes easier to customise it with tools to make your company more Google friendly. From expert advice and tips on what to install, to improving your star rating and accessibility, we can improve your business using Google+ Local.

For more information on this particular tool or our other Google services for business, give us a ring on 08456 189700 and we’ll talk through your options.