5 reasons why your business should be using google adwords

There are 5 good reasons why your company should be using google adwords:

  1. Your advert will show at the precise moment someone is expressing an interest in the service or product you offer (or on a website looking at information that relates to your business or product). This is subject to the keywords being chosen carefully in the first place I.E. Not broad match.
  2. You can target mobile users only with a “click to call” advert – this means you would only pay for the click when someone physically calls your business.
  3. You can target visitors to your website with a “reminder” image adwords (such as banner ads across the top of a website, skyscraper ads down the left or right hand side of a website, or rectangular / square ads that appear in or beside the content of a website) this would ONLY show to them and would appear on all websites that ran google adsense ads. These image ads can also be tailored to be page specific (for example, someone visiting your pandora bracelet page can be shown an image ad promoting your pandora bracelet for the next 30 days).
  4. You can target Internet users within a certain radius of your business e.g. 50 mile radius or a custom shape covering different towns, villages and cities. This is determined either by ip address or people adding location to their google account or toolbar.
  5. Everything is measurable – you will be able to work out that for every £1 you spend you get £x back. Using conversion tracking codes and click to call measures you will be able to determine your most productive adwords and keywords.