Google Analytics Premium Launches

Google launched a premium paid for version of it’s extremely popular Google Analytics today, but before you start going to fetch the pitchforks and loudly claiming that Google were “always going to charge” for this service – it is aimed squarely at large enterprises – it would have to be, as a price tag of £90,000 per annum is probably a stretch for many business budgets.

The new features include the ability to track up to 1 BILLION web hits per month (current limit on “free” Google Analytics is 10 Million – I have a while to go before that worries me!).

There are also more advanced segments available – 50 (from the current 5 on offer normally).

For those who have Google Analytics but don’t really use it – you really are missing a trick as it can help you make genuine informed decision regarding your website, the traffic it receives and what exactly converts into business. Why else would they launch a version worth £90,000 per annum?

Simple – because enterprises using it to it’s full potential (and now backed with a Google Analytics help department) know just how valuable (and crucial) it is to understand your website (and understand what marketing is driving converting traffic through your doors).