How To Remove Your Star Wars Google Theme

How To Remove Your Google Star Wars Theme

So – if you are here, then like me, you got extremely excited about the new Star Wars film – Stars Wars VII, The Force Awakens. When Google first offered me the chance to “choose your side” and theme your whole Google account it seemed like a great idea. And it was, even after seeing the film for the first time (then the second, then the third).

But now, on the 1st February 2016 it has just become annoying. Seeing the lightsabre load when opening gmail or having the lightsabre sound EVERY SINGLE TIME you try to change the volume on a YouTube video drives me insane. So I headed into my Google Account settings to try and find the “reset” button but couldn’t find anything.

So how DO YOU return to normal – well once you know it is much easier than you think. Here is a very quick step by step guide to return your account to normal

  1. Head to

Your account will show which side you joined – click on the “change side” button underneath your avatar

You Have Joined The Dark Side

2. Once you have clicked the “change side” button you will see your avatar sitting on the initial side that you joined. Simply drag your icon to the centre of the two sides and once in place a “back to default” button will appear

Star Wars Screen where you can more your avatar to a neutral position

3. Click on the “back to default” button and your normal Google settings will be restored.

Now let the excitement build towards Star Wars – Rogue One!