#Lincshour Tweeters First Ever Tweet

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Twitter celebrated it’s 8th birthday last week, and decided it would be fun to create a tool that allowed us to go back and view our very own Tweets. We wrote a blog post last friday showing the first tweets from the SEO industry and decided we would dedicate another one to the good people of #lincshour – a Twitterchat that takes place every Monday between 8pm to 9pm. We decided on two things.

1. We would do this in chronological order, with the earliest Tweet coming first.

2. We decided to go back through the last 2 #lincshour Twitterchats and try to bring through as many as possible.

Apologies if you missed version one, we will be adding to this over the next week.

The first #lincshour tweet came from Jack Stow from Stamford back in October 2008 who declared:

Jack Stow First Tweet

Next Deborah Cooper seems to be using her computer (or mobile) in the spare room as she is:

Debs Cooper First Tweet

Two days after Debs we are:

Zaddle First Tweet

Zoe homes joins us, telling the world that she:

Zoe Homes First Tweet

Shane Traill uses his first tweet to share his love of veg exclaiming he is:

Shane Traill First Tweet

Before Becky rather naughtily tells us:

Becky First Tweet

We hope the wait was worth it for Wendy Tomlinson who:

Wendy Tomlinson First Tweet

Before Andrew from Admar gets straight to the point with a question:

Andrew Kotek First Tweet

Rachel of Reviveandrelove.com declares:

Rachel First Tweet

Before the first estate agents of #lincshour, Mundys announces a rather formal:

Mundys First Tweet

Ian C finally gets on Twitter ensuring he is:

Ian C First Tweet

Which is three weeks prior to Metanym Web who are:

Metanym Web First Tweet

Like buses, our second web development participants in #lincshour are already thinking design telling us they are:

Laser Red Websites First Tweet

And like buses that come in threes (and also the last Tweet from 2009), web developer Paul Stafford:

Paul Stafford First Tweet

We wonder if Paul can remember which website he was about to launch? The first tweet from 2010 comes from avid runner Shell who realises that Twitter might not be a walk in the park asking:

Shell Moby First Tweet

Before Honeysuckle & Castle get straight into promoting an event, telling us:

Honeysuckle and Castle First Tweet

Easton Walled Gardens use their first tweet to have a conversation with Landscape Man telling him:

Easton Walled Gardens First Tweet

Whereas Filmmakers Rob & Sean tell us everything we need to know about them:

Filmmakers Rob And Sean First Tweet

Hot on the heels of Honeysuckle & Castle (well when we say “hot” we actually mean 7 months after!) comes the first Tweet from Sandras Flowers who remind us it’s:

Sandras Flowers First Tweet

Before Jennys Jams exclaim:

Jennys Jams First Tweet

Tonis Handmade Stuff provides us with a link and the first appearance of a hashtag in a “first tweet”:

Tomis Handmade Stuff First Tweet

The first (first) tweet of 2011 comes from Mary Vickers who gets us all thinking with a retweet from Matt Baker:

Mary Vickers First Tweet

A month later A P Robinson & Co announce a budget breakfast (the budget, not a cheap breakfast!):

A P Robinson First Tweet

The Manor House Bed & Breakfast is the second of our #lincshour tweeters to talk about food telling us that:

The Manor House BandB First Tweet

This would be the first tweet that would lead on to an epic 71,400 tweets by March 2014.

Andrew Jukes the pure water window cleaner tells us about getting:

Andrew Jukes New Tweet

Four days later St James School in Grimsby join Twitter:

St James School First Tweet

Will from Epix Media is already on the charm offensive:

Will Epix Media First Tweet

And just a few weeks later the North Lincs Dog Warden uses their Twitter Bio for the first ever tweets asking:

North Lincs Dog Warden First Tweet

Keen fisherman and QPR fan Kingsdyke Mark uses his first tweet to tell the Anglers Mail about his recent fishing catch:

Kingsdyke Mark First Tweet

Before Ruth Hyde is already displaying great Twitter etiquette by using her first tweet to thank McAllister & Co (we assume for welcoming her to Twitter):

Ruth Hyde First Tweet

Almost a month later John Bland tells us he is:

John Bland First Tweet

And sports consultancy firm Hurricane Sports say:

Hurricane Sports First Tweet

The last two first tweets from 2011 come from Lydia Rusling and Grimsby Tweet Up. Lydia replying to Celia Lacy:

Lydia Rusling First Tweet

Before Grimsby Tweet Up simply tell us that the:

Grimsby Tweet Up First Tweet

2012 kicks off with Dave Laister the third person on the list to be talking about food. And in true “isn’t twitter just about what people eat for breakfast” style, confirms peoples suspicions by telling us:

Dave Laister First Tweet

With the first Burton Road Chippy tweet coming a few days into February, this time a retweet to an image that no longer exists – it sounded intriguing:

Burton Road Chippy First Tweet

I wonder if anyone from the Burton Road Chippy can remember what the image was?

Jackie Elton launches her new Twitter account in March 2012:

Jackie Elton First Tweet

And in the same month Stella & Alf are having their:

Stella and Alf First Tweet

Caroline McGill announces her Virtual PA service:

Freelance Temp PA First Tweet

Lincoln A to Z realise the significance of their first tweet before tweeting:

Lincoln A to Z First Tweet

At least you added a hashtag!

That is it for now – all other Tweets not yet included either come from 2013 onwards or from #lincshour tweeters who haven’t been on Lincshour for a while.

Questions that spring to our minds when we look back on these tweets include:

– How has your business changed since that very first tweet?
– How have you found Twitter as a social tool and as a lead generator?
– How have you changed the way you now use Twitter compared to when you first started?

Please leave any comments below – we will be adding further #lincshour participants to the list over the coming weeks.