LinkedIn Reaches 300 Million Worldwide Users (Or Does It?)

LinkedIn reaches 300 million users

LinkedIn™ recently announced that they have passed the milestone of 300 million users – this makes it the fourth largest country by “population” behind China, India and the United States of America.

Actually, if we are using online population as a way of measuring “largest countries” then Facebook would push LinkedIn back to fifth. Anyway (as always) I digress, below is a nice infographic created by LinkedIn that shows how things have changed over the last 5 years.

LinkedIn 300 Million Users Infographic

Just out of interest – does anyone have any idea why the advertising numbers within LinkedIn would be different to the total numbers they announce?

According to the advertising numbers the number of people I can advertise to on LinkedIn is 259,000,000

LinkedIn Worldwide User Numbers

Whereas the number of people I can advertise to in the UK is actually HIGHER than the official figure of LinkedIn reaching 15 Million UK users.

LinkedIn UK User Numbers

I’m not trying to pick holes in these type of announcements, I’m genuinely curious as to why the figures as so wildly different? Anyone know?