Still Not Convinced About Pinterest?

I have looking into Pinterest more and more this month and have been extremely surprised at the level of engagement I am finding from this new(ish) Social Media Platform.

Let me share a few (basic) statistics I have found so far (especially when I am comparing this to Twitter) – first up is my Google Analytics Data for visits to my website:

I was surprised to see as much traffic to my website from Pinterest (yes I know it is low traffic numbers, thanks for pointing it out!). As you can see it is the 3rd highest source of traffic to my website – way ahead of Twitter & LinkedIn.

What is even more surprising (and what caused me to write a brief blog post about it) is that when you line my profile stats up on Pinterest vs. Twitter – there is NO comparison:

Imagine if I had the same number of followers on Pinterest as I had on Twitter? I have read many blog posts about how Pinterest is driving much more traffic to people’s websites than Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ and the data I am seeing in the “early days” certainly backs up this theory.

But as we know, traffic could be seen as vanity and conversions should be seen as sanity – and when I finally look at my own “conversions” over the same period then we see an old favourite making an appearance:

So there you have it (and I am slightly tongue in cheek with this as the data wouldn’t warrant proof) but Pinterest HAS driven more traffic to my website than the other Social Media Platforms, AND LinkedIN HAS provided me with more “referral” traffic (something that many blogs have also been written about).

I will be certain to keep an eye on this traffic, especially if I can grow my Pinterest network.

What experiences and results have you found? Please leave you comments below.