The Best Gangnam Style Parodies And Remixes We Could Find

Gangnam Manchester Style

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Just when you think Gangnam Sytle has run out of steam you see Britney Spears, Madonna & MC Hammer getting in on the act and spawning another 10 million views on YouTube!

For those who have been helping the Mars Curiosity Rover explore the planet, Gangnam Style is a pop song by the South Korean artist Psy (real name Park Jae-sang) that went viral on YouTube and now has 787,099,603 views (at the time of typing out this blog).

However it isn’t just the mind boggling views, but the number of people, schools, universities, flash mobs, dance schools, football teams, marching bands, popstars & celebrities who have created their own “Gangnam Style” parodies & remixes.

Here is the selection of our favourite 12 videos.

1. Gangnam Style – Awesome House Lights

Here at Zaddle, we are BIG fans of crazy Christmas lights (we appreciate these are Halloween lights), so to see these synced with Gangnam style meant this video simply HAD to make our top 12 list.

2. Gangnam Ohio University Style

The longer you watch this video, the better it gets. A fantastic example of just how AWESOME you can be with a lot of practice and a little imagination. Well done to the Ohio University Marching 110 for this one.

3. Gangnam Crystal Palace Style

We can’t quite put our finger on the reason why we LOVED this video from (we assume) the Crystal Palace Cheerleaders? Don’t worry there is one for the ladies later on.

4. Gangnam Minecraft Style

One day someone will be able to explain to us just WHY Minecraft is so unbelievably popular, however even though it might not be our “cup of tea”, we can’t fault the amount of thought and effort that has gone into this. Well done to all those that had a hand in creating a unique take on the Gangnam Style original.

5. Gangnam Sailor Style

We told you we would have one for the ladies, and the US 22nd Company (hopefully) don’t disappoint.

6. Gangnam Tadcaster Style – Tad Gram Style

As fully fledged Yorkshire men, we had no choice but to include a Yorkshire style Gangnam Style parody. Including awesome stereotypes such as Yorkshire tea, Yorkshire puddings, flatcaps and whippets. Great lyrics!

7. Gangnam London Style

Probably the best produced video out of all the top 12 (in our opinion). Very good video parody which manages to showcase London including the London Underground, Black Cabs, The Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.

8. Gangnam Santa Style

Sorry – we couldn’t resist! It is (almost) Christmas after all.

9. Gangnam DJ Froto Style

This was our favourite remix of the Gangnam Style remixes we could find. This version includes a fantastic remix with “I’m sexy and I know it”. We’ve suggested a remix with Run DMC vs Jason Nevins to DJ Froto via YouTube – we would LOVE to here that.

10. Gangnam Gandalf Style

How topical are we? With the imminent arrival of the new Hobbit trilogy hitting our cinema screens on the 14th December we simply HAD to include Gandalf style.

11. Gangnam Hitler Style

What do you get when you mash up one of the most popular tunes of 2012, with one of the most parodied film scenes on YouTube. Simple answer – THIS. How much time do people have on their hands!!

12. Gangnam Hammer Style

A collaboration between Psy & MC Hammer at the recent American Music Awards saw the audience treated to this awesome spectacle. You have to admit that MC Hammer STILL has the moves!

PS – if you missed the original (or have never seen it) – here it is

Have you seen any other spoofs or remixes that we need to know about?

Please leave your comments below.

(We just looked at the viewing figures on the original video and they have increased by 633,810 views within ONE hour!)


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