Twitter Transforms Again

One of the biggest changes to Twitter was announced today, with the roll out expected to take up to eight weeks to complete.

Over this time, some Twitter users will begin to see a completely different Twitter interface, with the major difference being the ability to now see photographs and watch video clips without leaving the twitter browser.

You are also able to view people’s profiles on the page you are looking at (next to the list of tweets), whereas in the past you had to go to the person’s profile page to read what they were about (and whether they were worthwhile following or not).

Personally I think these changes will greatly improve the user experience on Twitter, and I cannot wait until the new interface reaches my laptop.

My greatest fear, is the fail whale. In the past Twitter hasn’t been able to cope with the sheer number of people using Twitter at the same time, therefore the addition of embedded media into the interface gives me great concerns. Hopefully Twitter have looked before they leapt, and everything will run smoothly.