What are the new Google Ad Sitelinks improvements

Google recently announced a major enhancement to they way they show sitelinks as part of a Google AdWords advert.

In the past sitelinks would appear like the example below:





These links allowed you to find pages more relevant to your initial search, saving you time to get to pages deeper inside the website and “enhancing” your search experience.

Now Google are testing a “turbo charged” version:

Looking at the example that appeared on the official Google AdWords site

If you had the following AdWords advert





And you also had several other Ads that were triggered by different searches (but within the same campaign), like these:









Then your new Google AdWords advert might look something like this:








This is like getting 5 AdWords listings for the price of 1!!

The cost per click will be the same as it would have been for the “click” your main ad would have been bidding for. Early tests have shown a major increase in the click through rate for the advertisers, therefore this is something that we will certainly be looking to adopt for our clients when required.

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Do you think will enhance the Google search results, or are you more concerned with how it might effect the natural search results on the first page of Google?